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Vernon Tool MPM Plasma Pipe Cutting and Profiling Machine

3”-48” Diameter Range w/ 5 Axis. 
Save time and Labor, call for information.  


We are Leaders in Custom Manufacturing for Industrial, Agricultural, Golf Course and Waste Water Irrigation Equipment

  • We specialize in Custom Manufacturing of Industrial Irrigation Equipment and can assist you with designing and building irrigation or fluid handling equipment that will fit your unique needs.
  • See some examples of our Custom Manufacturing.


Self-Cleaning Tornado Series Water FilterTornadosm

  • Keeps its own screen clean for the entire season!
  • Advanced Stainless Steel Construction that is built to last!
  • Available for Well Water, Surface Water and Mining Water Applications.
  • Learn more about our Tornado Filters.




Horizontal Irrigation Water Filters for Irrigation and Waste Water




Otter Well Water Filter

Morrill Industries, Inc. offers the Otter Filter, a high quality, Stainless Steel Water Filter with washable screen elements.

  • The Otter Filter is ideally suited to protect your residence from well water sediments that can contaminate your water supply lines to your house and property.

Learn about OTTER Residential Well Water Filter






Leaders in Industrial Irrigation, Agricultural, Golf Course and Waste Water Irrigation Equipment.

We specialize in Custom Manufacturing of Industrial Irrigation Equipment and can assist you with designing and building irrigation or fluids handling equipment that will fit your unique needs.


Rotating Suction Water Filters for Irrigation and Waste Water 

Eliminates Clogging, Self Cleaning, Motor Driven, Low Maintenance, etc.
> Read More about Rotation Suction Filters for Irrigation

M&M Water Tight Pipe Fittings and Adaptersmm-coupler

Available in Couplers, Starter Couplers, Flange X Compression Adapters, Crosses, Tees, 90° Elbows, 45° Elbows, Reducing Couplers, etc.
> Read More about M&M Water Tight Pipe Fittings


Industrial Irrigation Weld-On Pipe Fittingsweldon

Various Weld-On fabrications such as 90°s, 45°s, Tee’s and Eccentric Fittings
> Learn more about our M&M Water Tight Pipe Fittings.


Industrial Irrigation Camlock and Hose Fittingscamlock

–    Standard sizes for cam and groove couplings are 3/4″ to 6″.
–    Camlock Fittings are used in a wide variety of applications for liquid and dry product transportation.
> Read more about Camlock and Hose Fittings


Industrial Irrigation Circle Lock Pipe Fittingsciclelock

– Various Circle Lock Fittings include: Elbows, Reducers, Tees, Goosenecks, End Plugs, End Caps, Weld on Females and Males, Round Back Gaskets, Ring Lock Clamps and more.
> Read more about our Circle Lock Pipe Fittings


Industrial Irrigation Pipe Adapterspipeadapt

– Various Pipe Adapters include: Threaded Half Nipple, Threaded Half Couplers, Groove X Plain End, Thread X Groove, Flange X Groove and more.
> Read more about our Pipe Adapters


Pipe Flanges and Gasketspipegaskets

  • Flanges include: 1/2” Plate, Class B, Class D, Weld Neck, Threaded and Slip On.
  • Gaskets are available in Ring and Full Face style.

> Learn more about our Flanges and Gaskets

ITC Dosing Pumps and Controllers  itcpumpsand

Morrill Industries is the North American distributor for ITC chemical injection and dosing pumps. These pumps are heavy duty, accurate, high efficiency injection pumps offering a wide range of chemical injection solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries.

> View ITC Pumps and Controllers – Technical Info


Engine Heat Exchangersengineheatexchanger

–    Protects engines from overheating, reduces Fuel Consumption and reduces operating costs.
–    Benefits for all diesel, gasoline, propane and natural gas engines.

> Chemical Injection Pumps and Chemical Injection Controllers

Industrial and Agricultural Irrigation Equipment 

  • Contains our Irrigation Equipment, Parts and Replacement Supplies

> View our online catalog of Irrigation Equipment, Parts and Replacement Supplies

Industrial Irrigation Equipment and Irrigation Pipes, Valves, Fittings, Filters, Parts and Supplies for Waste Water, Agricultural Applications, Ag/Turf and Industrial Water and Fluids Handling

Irrigation Equipment – Nuts and Bolts 
Irrigation Equipment Manufacturer
Irrigation Parts Supplies and Irrigation Equipment
Industrial Irrigation Screens and Filters – Equipment Manufacturer
Industrial Irrigation Equipment and Supplies Manufacturer
Irrigation Equipment and Supplies Manufacturer – industrial irrigation equipment – industrial pipe
Irrigation Pipe Fittings Manufacturer – industrial pipe fittings – industrial pipe and irrigation equipment
Irrigation Valve Manufacturer – checkvalves – ball valves – gate valves – industrial valves
Heavy Duty Galvanized Pipe and Irrigation Equipment Manufacturer



Ecoflow Catalytic Water Conditioner

The Future of Water Conditioning

Ecoflow™ is an inline, SALT FREE catalytic water conditioner which can improve the condition of water for your entire property. The Ecoflow water conditioning system is the natural, non-chemical solution for your hard water problems.

Unlike conventional water softeners the Ecoflow uses NO SALTS – NO CHEMICALS – NO ELECTRICITY – NO MAINTENANCE.