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MORRILL INDUSTRIES, INC. invites you to view our online catalogs.

> Water Filters and Screens – Tornado & Typhoon Water Filters, Horizontal Filters, 400 Series Safety Filter, 700 Series Pre-Filters,
Otter Filter Rotating Suction Screen Basket & Cone Screens  – if you need a custom filter built we are the place to go!

> Pipe Fittings – galvanized, stainless steel, pvc – every shape and size!

> Valves – checkvalves, gated valves, Bray valves, Flanged Valves, Double Door Check Valves and more!

> Chemical Injection Pumps – world class, heavy duty, accurate chemical injection & ITC dosing pumps!

> Heat Engine Exhanger

> Well Seals


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(Filters,Valves, Heat Exchangers, Flanges, Fittings, Couplers, Water Tight parts)

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(Circle Locks, Clamp-on Saddles, Fabricated Fittings, Well Seals, Camlock Fittings, Hose Fittings, Sphere Connectors, Groove Adapters & Fittings, Basket Screens, Galvanized pipe fittings, Nuts & Bolts/Washers)

Please contact us at 1 (209) 838 – 2550 for current Pricing.