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Typhoon Automatic Water Filter
Morrill Industries, Inc. offers the NEWEST INNOVATION IN WATER FILTERING!



The Typhoon Automatic Self Cleaning Water Filter is an advanced, yet easy to operate Automatic Filter, with a self-cleaning mechanism driven by an electric motor. The Typhoon is designed to work with a wide range of filtration requirements from .0277″ down to .0006″ (705 -15 Microns).


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Water Filtering Process:

The water enters through the filter inlet pipe and flows through the screen from the inside to outside. The “filter cake” (contaminants) accumulates on the screen surface and causes pressure differentials to develop between the Filter inlet and outlet. A pair of Pressure Transducers read the differential (usually set at 8 psi) and signals the controller to start the cleaning operation. A WATER FILTER THAT CLEANS ITSELF!

Self-Cleaning Process:

typhoon2The Typhoon initiates the self-cleaning process when either the pressure differential across the screen reaches a per set value or the flush timer reaches its preset time interval. During the flush (Scanning) cycle the Typhoon’s exhaust flush valve opens to flush the scanner. When the exhaust flush valve is open the scanner drive motor is activated and the scanner rotates in a spiral motion (rotational and linear motion) removing the contaminants from the screen. The scanner consists of a central tube with suction scanner nozzles equally spaced along the length of this tube. The exhaust flush valve connects the internal cavity of the scanner to the atmospheric pressure outside the filter body. When the exhaust flush valve is opened the differential pressure between the water inside the filter and the atmosphere outside the filter creates high suction forces at the openings of each of the suction scanner nozzles.This suction force causes water to flow backwards through a small area of screen in front of each nozzle, pulling the contaminants off the screen and sucking it into the suction scanner nozzle and out through the exhaust valve to waste.

The drive mechanism rotates the suction scanner in a slow, controlled motion. The cleaning cycle is completed in aproximately 45 seconds. During this time the nozzles cover 100% of the screen removing the contaminants from the entire screen surface. During the self-cleaning cycle, filtered water continues to flow downstream of the filter.

The exhaust valve also cleans the end cap of contaminants. This cleaning action is accomplished by the use of an adjustable nozzle plate at the entrance end of the filter screen. This nozzle plate, when properly adjusted for flow, and in conjunction with a velocity tube, creates higher velocity down the length of the filter screen causing the contaminants to be forced into the oversized end cap. Once the contaminants are in the end cap deflectors are used to keep these contaminants from turbulating back into the screen area. This approach to cleaning contaminants from the filter will greatly prolong the duration between scanning (cleaning) cycles. The total duration of the flush cycle will be 45 seconds.


The Typhoon Automatic Self Cleaning Water Filter Operation and Cleaning Cycle is controlled and monitored by a Programmable Logic Control (PLC). The PLC, in conjunction with two pressure transducers and four proximity switches, will control the operation and timing of the drive motor and exhaust flush valve. It will also give operational information such as; pressure differential, standard filtering mode, flush valve mode, default mode. The PLC allows the system maximum flexibility of operation. Included in the system is a high pressure differential pump shut down circuit and one additional open circuit (Can be normally open or normally closed) for other uses, such as an alarm or discharge valve controller. Another feature of the controller is that by entering a code into the monitor you will change from English to Spanish on all displayed information.

Typhoon Digital Control Panel:

Every TYPHOON FILTER features a Digital Control Panel that will allow you to Manually Control the Filter Functions and vary the Parameters built into the PLC.

The materials used to build every T-Series TYPHOON FILTER are designed to meet the toughest challenges of in-field use. The quality construction methods, perfected through years of ongoing development, insure that your new TYPHOON FILTER will give you years of trouble free operation.

Morrill Industries, Inc – offers the only Automatic, Self-Cleaning water filter for demanding Agriculture Irrigation, Municipal and Industrial water filtering applications.

  • Engineered for Years Trouble-Free Operation
  • Onboard Digital Programmable Logic Controller
  • Totally Automated Self-Cleaning
  • 100% Stainless Steel Construction
  • Built smart, durable and rugged

Industrial Irrigation Automatic Water Filter – Stainless Steel – for Agriculture, Ag-Turf and Waste Water Water Filtration

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