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Tornado Water Filter

Morrill Industries, Inc. introduces the Morrill Industries 900 Series Tornado Filter is an inline, self-cleaning water filter, designed for Well Water and Surface Water Filtration applications. The Morrill Industries 900 Series Tornado Filter is an inline, self-cleaning water filter, designed for Well Water and Surface Water Filtration applications. The key to the Tornado Filters success is the combination of an Entrance Nozzle Plate, Velocity Tube, High Velocities down the Length of the Filter Screen and Reduced Flow Velocity through the Tornado Filter Screen. These four concepts work together to optimize the cleaning efficiency of the Tornado Filters.

Tornado Water Filter

The Entrance Nozzle plate increases the velocity of water entering the filter and forces it in a downward, rotational pattern. The Velocity Tube keeps the water moving at an optimal velocity down the entire length of the filter screen. The Filter Screen itself has been designed to have a maximum flow velocity through the screen of .50 feet per second (1.50 Gallons per square inch per minute) or less. The low velocity of the water passing through the screen allows the high cleaning velocity of the water entering the Tornado Filter to force sand and debris off the screen and into the End Cap (Catch Basin). From the End Cap, sand and debris are washed out through the flush valve while your clean water exits through the Filter Screen and into your water supply line. Proper installation and Filter setup will result and a 4-8 psi differential pressure loss through the Tornado Filter on Well Water conditions and a 5-8 psi differential on Surface Water conditions.

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The 900 Series Tornado Filter is a heavy duty water filter with   applications for agriculture, farms, golf courses, mining, municipal and other purposes.