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Morrill Industries is a leading supplier of Chemical Injection Pumps in the US.


Our Chemical Injection Pumps are positive displacement pumps that inject chemicals and fertilizers into a pressurized irrigation system. Also available are controllers and sensors that can regulate the injection of those chemicals and fertilizers.

The most common pumps we sell are the Dostec 40 60 GPH Piston Pumps which are commonly used in Pivot systems.

The Dostec 50 is the “bigger brother” to the Dostec 40.  Another big seller is the  Dostec 40 5-7 GPH “Stainless Steel” Diaphragm Pump which is often used for Sulferic Acid.

Diaphragm and piston dosing pumps.
Flows: 2.5-500 l/h.
Maximum pressure 20 bar
+ Dosing head isolated from the body by FPM bellows.
+ Micrometric controller with safety locking.
+ High pressure and long life PTFE membranes.
+ Expandability for flow regulation by frequency inverter (10% -120% of the flow)

Give us a Call!  Our Dosing Pump experts can help you with suggestions and advice on the best dosing pumps for your situation.

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Morrill Industries, Inc. is offering high efficiency injection pumps and chemical injection pump supplies, parts and custom designed pipe fittings for a wide range of chemical injection applications and industries to distributors throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Chemical Injection Pump Applications and Industries include:

  • dairy chemical injection pumps
  • poultry chemical injection pumps
  • cooling tower chemical injection pumps
  • agriculture chemical injection pumps
  • herbicide chemical injection pumps
  • agricultural and farming chemical injection pumpschempumps
  • fertilizer chemical injection pumps and multifertic dosing controllers
  • chemical Multifertic dosing pumps

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